Before any manoeuvre, you have to give a special attention to the different plants behaviour. Begonias for instance need a lot of light. Geranium seeds can’t germinate if the air is too hot. So please read carefully the instructions written on the bag and chose plants that are in accordance with the climate you have at that moment.

Avoid natural soil to fill up your FERTILPOT, it might contain insects or diseases. You should fill it up with some breeding ground purposely created for this. Its aeration and water retention are without doubt superior to any other pot.

During the culture, FERTILPOT has to be kept wet. When it is in a good shape, the plant pot has to be dark brown. When it is getting lighter, but still fresh when you touch it, you need to water your plant. In fact, it is easy to control the water needs simply by the colour of your FERTILPOT.



There are 3 development steps for the production of your seedlings before the transplantation.

First step: From the seedling to the appearance of the radicle. In other words, germination.

Second step: It starts when the stem and the cotyledons (fake leaves) appear. At this step of the process, the challenge is to get strong roots as soon as possible. For most of the plants, increase light and lower the heat.

For step 1 et 2, maintain the soil uniformly wet and avoid for it to get dry. You don’t need to add fertilizers yet. However, most plants have a very light fertilization. Steps 1 and 2 are usually taking 1 or 2 weeks. You should regularly check your seedlings progress: to do that you just have to cut a small piece of it to examine the rooting. After that time, it should spread through the substrate and the extremities should be white.

Step 3: It starts when the first real leaf appears. The humidity level can go from wet to dry and seedlings can wilt from time to time. A slight wilt helps energizing the seedling and is not that bad. Lower the heat and start fertilizing with a fertilizer like our 20-20-20. This step is the longest and will end when the plant reaches its transplantation height.

Roots should appear on the pots’ walls and it is a good thing. At the same time, rooting buds will probably get installed inside the pot. They are at the origin of the final roots.

Maybe the plant post will moulder or get green: don’t worry about it, it is perfectly normal and it won’t affect the plant. The biodegradation starts as soon as the plant pot is in a wet place.