FERTILPOT for communities

Many communities have already trusted and adopted FERTILPOT, being producer or furnishing horticulturists. FERTIL is a versatile tool, adapted to any species and has a very large size range.

FERTILPOT offers many agronomical, ecological or even economic advantages for communities:

  • Agronomical because you are now able to give a good environment for your plants’ root system development. In the same time, you will remark that your plants will have a better sprout, with a resistance against the climate changes for example.
  • Ecological because we have an ecological fabrication process using 100% renewable raw materials. Indeed, our final product is 100% natural and biodegradable.
  • Economical because you will be able to avoid plastic elements for your plants plantation and thus its disadvantages (gathering, storage or disinfection). You will then save a consequent amount of time by avoiding pot-stripping.


Hundreds of city producing or just buying plants adopted FERTILPOT. For example, we have already worked for the Flower production Manager in Nantes (Britany) or the Green spaces manager in Toulouse (South of France). For more information on these collaborations, please refer to the enclosed PDF document below.

And remember: the waste control must further than waste sorting or for the town centre to be clean. The use of these biodegradable plant pots 100% natural is totally in accordance with the waste reduction promises for cities!   

If you want to consult our products range, please refer to the FERTILPOT or FERTILPACK pages.